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Interested to learn more about how to simplify your superannuation processing?

Sage MicrOpay's Express Super Clearing House service can remove the complexity of processing your superannuation.

  • Minimise the risk of non-compliance.
  • Process superannuation payments with ease using one file and one payment.
  • Confidently exchange data with the clearing house through a secure portal.
  • Enjoy full integration with Meridian payroll software.

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Have you read our blog articles?

With the release of the 'Australian Payroll Association 2014 Payroll Benchmarking Study', where does Sage MicrOpay’s payroll software sit in the market?


Some of our other blogs include topics such as ‘Staff and Workplace Mobility Improve Business Productivity’ and ‘5 questions you should ask a prospective payroll outsourcing provider.’


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Do you know how much to pay your staff when they leave?

Termination processing can be one of the most complex tasks faced by payroll staff and it is important to have the necessary knowledge to successfully manage this procedure.


To help payroll professionals gain a better understanding of this complex topic, Sage MicrOpay is holding Terminations Seminars around the country covering different aspects of the termination process such as tax free amounts, leave treatment, required paperwork and more.


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Termination Seminar  
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